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Useful infos

Official language: Malagasy, French (1), English( 2)
Area : 587 000 Km2
Population: 20 Millions
Capital City: Antananarivo
Population in Antananarivo: 4 Millions
22 Regions
Political Status: République Démocratique. 

Money: Ariary (1 Euro: around 2600 Ar). You can check today's exchange rate by clicking here
Malagasy people still counts in old money :Malagasy franc (Fmg)- 1000 Ar for 5000 Fmg (1Ar=5 Fmg)

Average Taxi fees in Tana: 5000 Ar (to bargain)

None vacination required, but antipalu treatement is necessary during the stay and 4 weeks after the journey

Credit card: Visa and Mastercard are accepted in all big cities and big hotels. Better bring enough cash. But, you can withdraw money with card in all banks and ATM

Time Difference: GMT +3